Building Safety & Security

Fire Alarms

Safeguard your workforce & family with fire alarm systems. As experts in fire safety, we offer systems tailored individually to your business or home, ensuring maximum protection. Whether you require a single smoke alarm or a multizone alarm system with radio links, get in touch with us today to talk about fire safety.

Which fire alarm system is right for you?

  • Single Detection Systems
  • Multizone Systems
  • Radio Linked Systems
  • Fire Panels


Adding surveillance to your home or place of business, whether you’re upgrading your current system or installing a completely new one, is an area in which we have a lot of expertise.

We cover both internal and external systems, and can install white light and infrared CCTV systems. We will also work with you to find the best possible positioning of the CCTV cameras, whether that’s prioritising certain areas or covering the entire building.

State of The Art System

Our systems use digital storage to record footage and can be left alone until you need them. There’s no need to remember to insert a new tape, free space is cleverly managed by the recorder.

Easy and intuitive to use

Viewing footage is as simple as using your remote control. Footage can be copied to DVD or USB devices for ease of sharing and reporting.

Guaranteed for 12 months

We stand by the quality of our installations and offer a 12 month warranty on both parts and labour. We also offer competitive service and extended warranty plans.

Tailored to your home or business

With a professionally fitted CCTV system you get the best equipment for your environment. We survey the premises and choose the cameras and locations to optimise the coverage of your surveillance system.

Wireless surveillance cameras

As well as the traditional wired systems we also offer wireless cameras where obstacles and location require it so.

View footage from smart phones

For extra peace of mind our CCTV systems include the ability to view footage from your PC, Mac or even iPhone and iPad.

Cameras with infrared for night time footage

We have cameras that use infrared technology to record events throughout the night as well as the day. Integrated motion detection also reduces unnecessary footage capture.

Door Entry Systems

Video and Audio Door Entry Systems provide controlled and secure admission to visitors or customers by the residents or staff. Our systems are suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Designed to give security while retaining convenient access, our door entry systems help control the authorised access to your property and add value and safety. We can offer a wide range of door entry systems to suit your requirements. A wide selection of additional equipment can be incorporated into the system.

These worthy additions are available ranging from simple code access keypads-key ring fob ID cards to Biometric Readers.

Modular Door Entry Systems

Modular door entry systems offer an easy and cost effective way, to customize outdoor stations to meet a vast range of installation requirements. By combining modules together, a system as simple as a single button or as complex as a multiple button with video, coded access or proximity access can be assembled

Specialized Door Entry Systems

Specialized systems have many advanced features including full privacy of speech and lock release, timed call, timed door release and timed conversation. Systems are available from as small as a one way up to 1000 apartments and 99 doors.

Concierge Systems

Audio and Video concierge unit systems are available and are capable of intercepting calls from both the apartments and the door panels. The use of concierge systems can greatly improve the co-ordination of the facilities management of properties and developments.

We are able to fit systems for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Electrical and Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

Keeping your electrical appliances running smoothly, and safely, is easy to do with our electrical testing and PAT testing.

We can raise any current or potential issues with your equipment, helping you make an informed decision with regards to replacing or fixing any equipment.

This can save you money in the long run, solving problems before they get worse, which could require you to buy replacement equipment. Also this improves the electrical safety by making sure everything is functioning correctly.

Intruder Alarm

We install our burglar and intruder alarms to BS EN 50131 and PD6662 standards to protect any type or size of domestic or commercial property.

We can work to any insurance specification or using the vast experience of our surveyors, design and install a tailor made system to meet all your security requirements.

Over the years Efficient Concepts have built up a reputation for designing and installing systems into larger style properities. These often require higher standards of finish that are not always readily available on the market, so we source products and finishes to meet these requirements.

All of our systems can be linked to the Police via the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). To ensure high quality and reliability, we will only specify the latest technically advanced equipment.

Emergency lighting

Protect your employees or tenants with emergency lighting from Efficient Concepts. Ideal for offices, hotels and apartments, our range of emergency lights can be tailored to your requirements.

From illuminated Fire Exit Signs to escape lights, our emergency lighting is quick and hassle-free to install, and complies with the latest safety standards.

Choose the ideal emergency lighting for your office or apartments:

  • Fire Exit Signs
  • Escape Lights
  • LED Emergency Lighting

Installing Wiring for Satellite TV

If you are looking to buy satellite TV but don’t have a satellite dish, we can install all the necessary equipment for you. This includes wiring and the outlet within the fabric of the building.

Our aerial installers will make sure the Satellite installation runs smoothly, with the dish being in the optimum position for maximum signal.

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