Boiler Replacement

Here at Efficient Concepts, we specialise in replacing boilers. It may be that you have built an extension and need a heating installation, or maybe you are just looking to revamp your existing heating system with a new boiler or under floor heating.

We have all the knowledge and skills to be able to advise you on the benefits of different systems; we can tailor them to fit your needs.
We only use top quality boilers such as Worcester Bosch and/or Valliant. Of course if you have a favoured or preferred choice we will source and install it for you.

We know that in the case of a boiler that has just given up the ghost and broken down, the stress of worrying about how you can afford a new boiler, along with all the usual cost of living can be extremely overwhelming. Fear not as Efficient Concepts, first and foremost wants to get your heating and hot water back on. And we guarantee, we will not be beaten on price.

Ensuring your boiler is running at a high efficiency level is important if you’re looking to save money on your central heating bills.
Over time, boilers can and do become more and more unreliable and with the cost of repairs and breakdowns this can lead to a very costly price being paid and leaving you seriously out of pocket.
A new and more efficient, modern boiler from us here at Efficient Concepts will ensure you have a modern and longer lasting boiler than your older one. Once an older boiler not only becomes inefficient but also unreliable, it is of great importance that is replaced.

Older boilers can become unsafe if overused and not in good working order, with the risk of dangerous emissions such as Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide leakages increasing.

A lot of Efficient Concepts customers choose to have a new boiler installation for these reasons alone. But did you know that by replacing your existing boiler for a modern high efficiency boiler, with ratings over 90% compared to an older boiler of 50%, your saving money, with a typical payback time of a few years. You will also be doing your bit for the environment.

While installing a new central heating system can appear costly, they not only help to save you money in the long run but can improve the value of your home.

Just speak to one of our friendly team for more information.

All our installations come standard with;

  • System Flush
  • Upto 7 TRVs
  • Wireless Thermostat
  • Sludge Dissolver
  • Inhibitor
  • A Gas Safety Certificate
  • Warranties
  • Copper & Condensate Fittings
  • Old Boiler Removal & Disposal

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We will install it for you on time and on budget. Our team has an outstanding local reputation for clean, safe installations and are marked for their honesty and integrity when working in and around your home.

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