Domestic EPC

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provides an energy rating for a building on a scale of A-G, with A being highly efficient and G is least efficient. An EPC also supplies information on how to make your property more energy efficient via suggested improvements, such as greater insulation.

The EPC Explained

EPC is the Energy Performance Certificate issued to properties following a thorough assessment. EPCs for Domestic and Non-Domestic properties are different and their assessment is also different.

The certificate is presented in a graphical format, and tells how efficient a building is and what sort of an impact it has on the environment. There is a rating scale from A to G, with the most energy-efficient premises getting the A rating. The higher the rating, the lower the CO2 emissions from a property.

What does the EPC contain?

Besides a rating allotted to a certain property, the EPC also contains recommendations on how the energy efficiency of a home can be improved to benefit the environment and also help the property owner save money. It also contains information about the assessor of the property, which means it will tell you about the person who has carried out the EPC assessment.

Validity and Utility

The EPC is valid for a period of 10 years. It is a very useful document since EPCs are needed whenever a property is sold, rented or built. Therefore, if one intends to sell, rent or build on a property, they must obtain an EPC.

DEAs and EPCs

As mentioned, the property has to be assessed by a DEA before it can be given a rating. DEAs are Domestic Energy Assessors who carry out this assessment and produce the certificate. These DEAs are trained in this task and only accredited DEAs are allowed to produce the EPC document. They are members of a government-approved accreditation scheme.

The Process of Assessment for getting an EPC

To get an EPC, one of Efficient Concepts Accredited DEA will visit and evaluate your property. After the assessment, the DEA will lodge the request for an EPC on the national register, together with the rating allotted to the particular property. All DEA are issued with identity cards which home-owners should ask for before their properties assessment is carried out.

When is an EPC required?

An EPC is required when a property is bought, sold or let on the open market.

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