Commercial EPC

If you are renting or selling your Commercial Property, you will require an energy performance certificate also known as an EPC. The EPC lasts 10 years and is carried out by one of our Accredited Energy Assessors. This certificate is fully compliant and can be used with any Estate Agent.

In UK, a commercial energy performance certificate or commercial EPC is required when selling or renting commercial properties which are over 50 m2 in size, have a roof and walls and use energy to control indoor climate. This is done in an effort to decrease the emission of CO2 from commercial buildings. A Commercial EPC has been a requirement for the marketing of a commercial property since 2008.

In case of a commercial property with a residential portion above the commercial portion where there is a separate entrance for the residential portion, a separate domestic EPC is required for each dwelling and a commercial EPC is required for the shops. However, if there is no separate entrance and the dwellings are only accessible through the shops, then only a commercial EPC is needed. All of this should be followed when selling or renting out a part of the building. If the whole building is marketed, then a single EPC is needed.

Like domestic EPCs, commercial EPCs are also issued by trained and certified assessors after a thorough assessment of the property and evaluation of various factors like energy saving products used within the building. However, the assessors have to be more skilled as they need to assess the HVAC system of the property which is one of the most significant factors in EPC.

Some buildings do not require an EPC. These include, buildings under construction, places of worship, properties due for demolition, buildings having an area less than 50 m2, industrial sites and agricultural buildings, lease surrenders, etc.

There is a certain penalty for not making an EPC available to a prospective buyer or tenant.

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