August 2016

26 Aug Safeguarding funding for research and innovation

Recognising the importance of science and innovation to society, productivity and economic competitiveness, the government has today provided reassurance to UK participants of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme with a commitment to safeguard funding for research and innovation projects. As a result, British businesses and...

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Landlords' associations had lobbied successfully to persuade the government to move responsibility for paying for improvements onto tenants through the Green Deal, but there has been no answer to what would happen to that plan, following the scrapping of GD finance a year ago by the...

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03 Aug Latest Energy Saving Tips

Run your heating for just one hour less every day Turn down your thermostat by one degree Fix any drips – leaks waste a lot more water than you think Take a shower – it’s faster, cheaper and more efficient than a bath Use the right sized pan for...

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