April 2016

23 Apr Three Different Types of Boilers; Explained

Three Different Types of Boilers;  Explained   If you’re in need of a new boiler or replacement boiler for your home, there are 3 different types to consider before your purchase. Find out what the differences are and which is best for energy efficiency in your home...

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19 Apr 5 reasons why we are backing Hinkley Point C

New nuclear is the only proven low carbon technology that can provide continuous power, irrespective of whether the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, giving hardworking families and businesses year-round energy security. Hinkley will give a boost to our energy supply and our economy,...

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01 Apr Getting smart with your energy

Government has allowed suppliers to try out different ways of helping people monitor their energy use with smart meters by trialling alternatives to the ln Home Display. Smart meters will help people track exactly how much energy they’re using, which is a big part of our...

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